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Better Together!

Connecting for Good

Finding each other anew. Developing and implementing the solutions we need for (survival) together. Across cultures and generations. Better Together – Connecting for good.
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By Guy Dimenstein, Mirjam Kornblum, Tobias Goecke von meet THE GOOD ONES, Kathrin Dieckmann von Feel Good. Happy People – Happy Planet, and Isolde Hilt

“Better Together – Connecting for Good” is a community which brings together people who want to make a positive impact on the world, their societies and the environment. We want to connect, share learnings and experiences, and thus empower and inspire each other in our work towards the good.

Our world and societies today face multiple challenges. These are not easy times. When we open the newspaper or the internet we are bombarded with horrific news and stories about war, despair, human suffering, injustice, inequality and environmental destruction – only to name a few.

It’s easy to forget that there are also so many amazing, brave, creative and inspiring people out there who tackle the challenges head on and give it their all to make changes for good.


Better Together: There are so many impressive people and solutions. Let’s get to know them!

The Day of Hope was both the trigger and the test to join forces. meet THE GOOD ONES also presents good news for you in this latest video, which we are very happy about!

It is so uplifting to see and meet these humans, and sometimes their creative solutions to the world’s problems just blow your mind.

We believe in the power of human connection and communities. We all want positive change, but if we join in together, pool our resources, exchange our ideas, knowledge and experiences, our power is amplified and our impact multiplied.

Our community has the spirit of a Karma box: „Take if you need. Give if you can.“ We are bringing to it Good Ones from a diverse background and different projects.


Better Together! Connecting for Good

We will have monthly online meetings where we would share our pain points. We will support each other and find ways to collaborate and exchange. There are lectures, one to one meetings, community chat and maybe even a challenge or two that would help you realize projects that have been waiting for far too long.

It all starts this weekend! Join us and many like-minded people from Germany and around the world. Let’s strive towards the good as a strong and diverse community, because we are “Better Together”.

“Better Together – Connecting for Good” is an initiative of three like-minded media projects: “meet THE GOOD ONES”, “Good News for You” and “Feel Good – Happy People.Happy Planet” which all want to amplify and showcase people, projects and organisations in their work towards the good.


You want to be part of it? Let’s start!


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Podcast in English by Feel Good. Happy People – Happy Planet!

… are people who want to do something good in the world

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