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"I have never experienced so much love and deep compassion and understanding between complete strangers", tells an unknown woman from Australia.

Gefällt dir? Vielen Dank fürs Teilen!


by an unknown woman from Australia

We received the following personal report from a dear friend. She found it in one of her whatsapp groups. It moved us deeply and it shows once again what is most important in life: taking care of each other.


Dear fellow humans,

I live in Australia and I have purposefully chosen a perspective that suits me as it feels the best.

My heart feels so full. I have never experienced so much love and deep compassion and understanding between complete strangers and it has showed me the most beautiful aspects of being human. I feel so honoured to be human and to live in this beautiful country.

There are unprecedented outpourings of generosity from all around the country and now the world. The hard work and dedication of the firemen and woman is astounding. They are mostly volunteers giving up paid work to give help to their fellow countrymen. There are people giving up their own beds to sleep in a tent in their gardens so that the evacuees have a bed to sleep in. People are opening their homes, caravans, land and lives to complete strangers and welcoming them with open arms and pure love and compassion. How absolutely beautiful.

People only want to give

People are giving so much money and items from a place of love with no need for thanks or acknowledgement. People are offering to help rebuild homes with offers of heavy machinery, labour, expertise and time out of their own lives just because they want to give from the core of who they are.

People have driven over 700 kms through the night to cook food and meals for those in need. Hotels are offering free accommodation. There are people who have set up facebook groups so that people who have nothing left can pair with people who want to give and help so freely. These groups’s admins are working tirelessly to help thousands and thousands of people expecting nothing in return.

People are offering free counselling, hugs, fields for livestock. They are knitting booties for koalas’ feet. They are visiting the burnt out areas with food for wild animals – collecting donations of food and water from supermarkets.

Help also for wild animals

People are hand feeding wild animals in their homes. People are offering babysitting and care for the elderly, paying for people’s groceries who can’t afford it – complete strangers who are made of the same energy as them.

I have lost everything familiar to me in the past (not from a fire) and although it was challenging it was exactly what I needed and showed me more of who I am. It is with compassion that I can see those who have lost everything can rebuild and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

Nature knows exactly what it is doing

There is a forest near my home which was burnt out 4 weeks ago and already the regrowth has started. Nature knows exactly what it is doing. It is beginning to bloom like never before just like the amazing humans in this country.

My heart is exploding with love just witnessing how big people’s hearts are and how much we are capable of. I have never been so proud to be human. EVER. The new earth isn’t coming – it is here NOW and it is so beautiful. This is the world I have always wanted to live in – a world of love.



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