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Satgana: Building the companies of the future

The new venture builder company helps start-ups to settle successfully into the market while following high moral standards.
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by Kristin Frauenhoffer

Imagine a world where ethical values are the norm in business. Where the main pillars of their functioning are sustainability, equity and diversity. A world in which capitalism shows itself form its best side. As a driving force for humankind to solve its most pressing problems like the climate crisis. It is exactly this kind of world that Romain Diaz and his team from Satgana are trying to build. As so-called Venture Studio they support start-ups in the whole business process – from the idea-state until their first round of external funding. But what makes Satgana special is that they focus on building responsible, sustainability-driven companies.

“We strongly believe that businesses can harness the market dynamics to make the world a better place.”, says Romain Diaz, founder and CEO of Satgana. According to him we can no longer build businesses that are merely looking for more profit while harming the planet and the people. They can be profitable and ethical at the same time. “That is why we have a specific focus on climate and environmental sustainability.” That means that every start-up supported by Satgana needs to fulfil specific requirements regarding their willing to create a responsible, environment-friendly company.

Helping start-up companies to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals

One of the requirements is that businesses should commit to trying to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) given out by the United Nations in 2015 as much as possible. These 17 goals comprise of environmental, social and economical principles such as zero hunger, no poverty, clean water or decent work and economic growth. Satgana supports upcoming businesses by laying out a business model that is enabling them to grow while making sure they have a positive impact on the SDGs.

Satgana provides funding and operational resources

Once a start-up has partnered up with the venture builder company they are provided with funding on the one hand and with operational resources on the other hand. While the market knowledge comes from the founders themselves, Satgana is there to support in other business areas such as marketing, sustainability assessment, technology and so on. The Satgana team is very diverse, coming from different backgrounds, living in different regions of the world. So the level of expertise is quite high. “We help the start-ups to go from zero to one.”, explains Romain. In that process the two companies become vested partners.

Integrity, transparency and empathy

That is also what makes Satgana special. Integrity, transparency and empathy are key values that Satgana has set for itself. The company name comprises of two words. The sanskrit word “Sat” meaning “that which is virtuous, good and everlasting” and “Gana” meaning “troop, company or tribe”. So Satgana describes a company that strives to be fundamentally good for the world. “I have worked in this field of venture building for ten years. And in the last years I realised how urgent it is for us to tackle the climate crisis. So I decided to put all my expertise together and try to do my part.”, Romain summarises.

“We can no longer effort to have only white males in executive positions.”

According to him businesses should be used as a force to find solutions for environmental and economic problems. That means for example that future companies should be long-term driven taking into account where the global economy is heading towards. For example aiming to help bring global energy-related emissions to net zero by 2050. Furthermore Romain believes that the companies of the future should have very strong ethical standards and a sense of diversity and inclusion. “We can no longer effort to have only white males in executive positions. We need people with different points of view, different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders.”

So far Satgana supported one start-up, chosen from 130 submissions last year. That shows, that the Satgana team is selective and lives by its principles. And in that way Romain and his team slowly initiate change where change is sorely needed: in the business world.

At the moment Satgana is looking for new entrepreneurs to submit their business ideas. You want to know more, then click here.



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