Make Someone Happy, Drop 3: the gift box

So often it's the small gestures that bring joy to others and usually to oneself. Moni has discovered the gift box!

Gefällt dir? Vielen Dank fürs Teilen!


from Moni, Regensburg/Germany

The gift box: Just take out something you like!

„The first time I saw these gift boxes was in Dresden. In the streets of the city center, there were boxes at some front doors and stairways, from which you were simply allowed to take something out. I found this attitude of giving something away „heart-opening“, inviting and friendly!

Inspired by this idea, I now put a gift box out on the street at my house when the weather is nice. Sometimes I see people walking along smiling with a little something. And in the meantime, I have also discovered gift boxes in front of doors in the city center Regensburg.

This culture of giving should be continued, because it opens hearts. I find the feeling that not everything costs something and not everyone wants something in return endearing.“

PS: And it’s also sustainable: things that are still good don’t go to waste, but continue to be used.


Make Someone Happy! Join in, get involved! Your ideas will inspire others!

And this is how it works: We are collecting Make Someone Happy-drops in the form of small incidents in which you have already been able to make others happy with a small gesture. Send us your story – written, spoken or filmed! And feel free to tell us what effect it had on you (which is not to be underestimated :-))!

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