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Smile for a better world: how a campaign was realized because of a smile and finally a song came out of it, too !

Gefällt dir? Vielen Dank fürs Teilen!

translated by Birgit Hilt

Perhaps it’s a crazy idea to change the world with a smile ? In the face of all the crises, catastrophes and wars ? Isn’t it a bit naive ? May be. We also know that especially such grazy and obviously simple ideas are able to bring movement into something and can change things.

We believe that there cannot be enough initiatives to make our world a more pieceful place. Why don’t we just try it ? „In the worst case“ each of us has given away a smile. Isn’t that nice ? The intention of our song „smile for a better world“ is to infect you !


Smile for a better world – how does it work ?

It´s very simple. This year we have started a campaign in which people all over the world give us a smile. It would be nice if you introduce yourself by by the first name and specify your country of origin; respectively you can indicate „Earth“ as an inhabitant of this planet. If you want please send also a small message to all the others (> for more information: We love every single smile on this page because it looks so real and naturally. And it shows us that every human being is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Our wish, our vision is…

…to bring people together again – all over the world ! There are not that big differences between us as we may think. We all want to live in peace – being there for eachother. Isn’t a smile a nice start for it ?

We would be very happy if you give us a smile and spread out our campaign to other people. Please share also our smile song so that it goes around the world ! Do you think that we are grazy ? Never mind ! That makes life much nicer and happier.

Let’s do it together, we can only win !


Your good news group

Alexander, Daniel, Florian, Franz, Isabel, Isolde, Johannes, Jonas, Krissi, Silvia, Thomas


P.S. – Your smile counts twice!!

To take part in has a dual advantage: Every person who gets part of it is supporting a good purpose at the same time. Friends of the news portal honour a smile with 50 Cent. The donation benefits directly „Sambhava“! Katrin Kausch from Germany and Mona la Barbera from France have been in Nepal when devastating earthquakes haunted the small state at the Himalayas in April 2015. Both young women survived and wanted just one thing to do: helping on the spot! So they founded the society „Sambhava“, in the meantime recognized as a non-profit organization, to give children and women a new perspective of life.


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Eine Antwort

  1. Gwendy

    We should all plant trees in memory of people lost in this pandemic. Their loss will not be in vain because the trees will keep the air cleaner.


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