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Make Someone Happy:
When your pants play tricks on you

How two perfect strangers freed me from a difficult situation with a small gesture.
Gefällt dir? Vielen Dank fürs Teilen!


by Kristin Frauenhoffer

Me with my child bike trailer and the beautiful but impractical pants.

Since one year we have a fruitful cooperation with the Make Someone Happy Company from the USA. Our common goal is to make the world a little bit better every day by making others happy. Again and again we receive „Make Someone Happy“ stories in which people tell us about their experiences. For example, how it feels to make someone happy, whether with a small or a big gesture. Today, I want to tell you about my own experience from the other point of view. Because the other day someone unexpectedly helped me out of a difficult situation.

My „Make Someone Happy“ story starts with a bicycle. You see, I’m a bicycle person. I love to get on the saddle and get where I want to go quickly. I even do the shortest trips by bike. If I had to walk, I would feel like I was standing still. The movement that comes with cycling, the dynamics, is just fun. As a child, I was even half a competitive racing cyclist. So you see, I like cycling.

Since I became a mom, however, the way I travel has changed. Nowadays, you only find me dragging a trailer behind me. The inevitable child trailer is always there. That of course was nice when my son was a baby. Especially since he really likes sitting in the back, looking out, and occasionally dozing off. But since he’s passed the 14-kilo mark, traveling with the trailer has become increasingly arduous. I have to pedal hard, especially uphill, to get to the top rolling at all.


When the pants change their mind

And because that’s not difficult enough, my bike played another trick on me the other day, which I found less funny. Because as nice as cycling is, it can sometimes be painful. As a child, for example, I once slipped my foot off the pedal and the chainring drilled into my bare calf. Even today I have a scar there in the form of a chainring. Some may now say that fits, with my love for the bike, but for me it was rather unpleasant at the time.

And then the other day I was just on the road again with the bike including child trailer. It was warm and I wore a wide, long, airy pants. I came from swimming with my son and enjoyed the balmy summer afternoon. And then a mishap happened to me. I was cycling up a bridge and of course had to pedal hard. Just at that moment, however, my pants got caught in the chainring (the chainring again!) and the fabric turned down with the blade. I was stuck.


Make Someone Happy: When you suddenly get to experience it for yourself

I stopped pedaling and didn’t know how to get out of this situation. I would have had to pedal backwards, but since I had no more speed, that didn’t work. I would have toppled over and probably torn my pants. To put the foot on the ground was also not possible, my pants would have possibly torn. So I remained undecided on the bike and was about to fall over when two young women called out to me, „You’re stuck. Wait, we’ll help you“. And there they were, helping me free my pant leg from the chainring. With their help, it worked out great.

The one woman then said to me that she always fastened her pants with a hair tie while cycling. When I didn’t understand exactly what she meant, she promptly took hers off her wrist and said, „I’ll show you“. And took my pants, pushed them up, tied a knot in the pant leg and tied the hair tie around it. „You can keep that,“ she said with a smile. I thanked her three times and was so grateful that they had helped me so quickly. And I thought to myself that it was fortunate that they had been so thoughtful and aware about things happening around them. They had made someone happy that day.


It doesn’t have to be the big gestures

And that’s what „Make Someone Happy“ means. It doesn’t always have to be the big gestures. Small helps in everyday life, the mere noticing of the other people around us. That makes not only the others happy, but also ourselves.


Make Someone Happy! Join in, get involved! Your ideas will inspire others!

And this is how it works: We are collecting Make Someone Happy-drops in the form of small incidents in which you have already been able to make others happy with a small gesture. Send us your story – written, spoken or filmed! And feel free to tell us what effect it had on you (which is not to be underestimated :-))!

More information about Make Someone Happy:


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