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Vision8 Child Care Foundation: Help for children in need

In Uganda, dedicated Emmanuel Lukyamuzi gives orphans new hope
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by Kristin Frauenhoffer

Relieve the suffering of separation by offering love, hope and connection – that is the mission of both Nikki and Emmanuel. The internet brought them together. And even though they live extremely different lives, one aspect unites them: They want to make a difference in this world.

Emmanuel Lukyamuzi is the director of the Vision8 Child Care Foundation in Uganda. Their aim is to provide orphan children with food, shelter, education and a loving environment. Nikki Gresham-Record is a psychologist and healer based in the UK. While Emmanuel works on the front line, with the children and their needs, Nikki supports the organization by raising funds and helping with bureaucratic matters.

How Nikki met Emmanuel and Vision8 Child Care Foundation

As a child, Nikki Gresham-Record watched the „Live Aid“ charity documentary on TV. It was held in order to raise awareness and support people in Africa. Seeing the pain, the disease, the poverty, she promised herself that one day, she would make a difference and help these people however she could. Nikki is the creator of the Healing InSight® belief change modality and although she is already working to help alleviate people’s suffering with those who pay for her services as psychologist, she somehow felt the need to give more to the world. Nikki found Emmanuel Lukyamuzi and his organization through Facebook and their mutual story began.

A remarkable man

Emmanuel Lukyamuzi with two of „his“ children (photo: Emmanuel Lukyamuzi)

Emmanuel founded the Vision8 Child Care Foundation (V8CCF) in 2016. Because he is an orphan himself, he felt compassionate about all the homeless and neglected children he saw on the streets of Kampala, Uganda. „l faced a lot of challenges in my life and whenever I see these children suffering, it brings my memory back to the life I went through“, says Emmanuel. His mother left him alone with an unfamiliar woman when he was only two years old. Even today Emmanuel has no idea who his real mother and father are.

Fortunately his involuntary foster mother (she was left with the crying baby while his biological mother just flew) raised him and supported him. He started being interested in photography and with her help, he built his own studio. He was so thankful for the way his life had turned out that he decided that he wanted to help others and do charity work.

Vision8 Child Care Foundation was born

Celebrating Christmas is very important for the children of Vision8 Child Care Foundation. The Christmas tree 2019

He started his work with 20 children. His mission was to help and sustain orphans and vulnerable children and providing them with everything they need: mainly food, shelter and medicine. But what is even more important: Emmanuel and his team aspire to educate the children and to make them feel loved and appreciated. They want to give these children a different perspective and the self-confidence they need. Many of them were left with total strangers by their mothers as Emmanuel was himself.

Setback in 2018 and help from the other side of the world

Unfortunately in 2018, all of Emmanuel’s photo equipment was stolen from his studio. He was left with nothing, which put the V8CCF at risk of being closed, too. After all Emmanuel had lost his means of livelihood. Nikki appeared in his life in 2019. Through Facebook they exchanged messages and started chatting. „From the very moment we connected, I realised that he was a special person with a big heart. We both have a belief in people’s potential, a belief in humanity“, says Nikki. She became a patron of the foundation and supported the project to become registered as a non-profit organisation, the website was created and bank account all officially registered.

Building an orphanage school is next

Education is most important to Emmanuel (photo: Emmanuel Lukyamuzi)

At the moment the team at the Vision8 Child Care Foundation cares for 41 children. But Emmanuel’s dream is to expand and be able to take in even more vulnerable children. He wants to build an orphanage school that includes dormitories for the boys and girls, a classroom and an office. The staff are skilled and equipped to teach trade and to use the land for farming so they can be sustainable, teaching the children skills for their future.

Crowdfunding project online

The first step to realising this project is to raise the respective funds to buy land. With Nikki’s help, Emmanuel has set up a crowdfunding project online. „Nikki gave me hope that my dream of building an orphanage school one day will come true“, Emmanuel explains to good news for you.
Nikki on her end believes that it is time for us all to support each other, so that no one gets forgotten or overlooked. „I know from the bottom of my heart that humanity is benevolent and that this project is worth getting behind“, she says. Finally she has found a way to keep the promise she made to herself when she was a child.

To support the project, please visit the crowdfunding site here:

Or make a direct transaction to this bank account:

Vision8 Child Care Foundation
Account No: 1012201381580
Bank: Equity Bank Uganda Limited


To get more information about the foundation, please visit the website:

Every support is needed and even the smallest amount will help these children!






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Vision8 Child Care Foundation: Hilfe für Kinder ohne Eltern


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